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 Caldwell NJ 2005 Property Revaluation  
Below are some documents that I have created while doing additional analysis on Caldwell's 2005 Property Revaluation effort. The data was extracted from the PDF file that was provided on Caldwell's public web site. This raw data was then imported into Excel where additional "percentage change" calculations were made (and some addresses cleaned up). (See below for the Excel spreadsheet.) This resulting data was then imported into Microsoft MapPoint 2004, where I was able to group the "Valuation Increase Percentage" figures into eight even groups, with increasing color shades associated with each group. Each address was assigned to its appropriate group, then each address was plotted on the map. From this we can visually determine if there are any patterns of areas in town that had higher or lower increases than the norm, with the expectation that these patterns could be discussed with the Certified Valuations.

Available Maps: Additional Files in HTML Format Feel free to contact me (bbartlett@softwareanalytics.com) for further information.

- Bill Bartlett

 Revaluation Documents (Based on 3/11/2005 Updates) Minimize 
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize (Kb) 
Medium-Size Map in PDF FormatBill BartlettRevaluation10/14/20061,235.96Download
PDF of All Assessments (Original Document)Bill BartlettRevaluation10/14/2006UnknownDownload
Assessment Data Converted to Excel (with additional calculations)Bill BartlettRevaluation10/14/2006995.33Download
MapPoint 2004 Data FileBill BartlettRevaluation10/14/2006867.84Download


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